Our Process

Our Process

At Bojan High End Kitchens Inc we are offering a one stop shop, for all custom cabinetry one home may need. If you are renovating your kitchen, or maybe just a bathroom, or adding a new entertainment unit we are the place to call.


We have extensive experience in kitchen renovations and design. Once we get a call from you our process in designing and building custom cabinetry is to learn first what you want, need and expect.We will listen to you and learn about your needs and wishes. We will also ask you some questions in order to find out what kind of habits you have when it comes to how you are using your kitchen. Do you cook a lot, do you bake a lot, do you have small children, or do you entertain a lot? Those are just some of the questions that will help us to better understand your needs and with that we can customize your kitchen to your life style. Once we complete the design we will present it to you and we will go together over every detail. At this point we would make any desired changes and finalize your DREAM KITCHEN design. The next step is your custom color. This step is really exciting because we don’t have preset color selections. We make custom color samples for you and you will approve your color before we paint your kitchen. At this time you will also pick your counter tops. We have lots of samples of different stones but we like to send our customers to the warehouse where they store a huge selection of big slabs and you can pick and choose your slab. Our customers like this approach because they get to see exactly how their counter top will look which is almost impossible to imagine if you have only a small sample.


Once everything is picked out it comes to the best part for us – where we get to do what we love the most. We create your DREAM KITCHEN. Every part of your kitchen is hand made in our shop that is located in the Fraser Valley in BC.


This is the time where your dreams become reality. We will deliver and install your kitchen. This is the most rewarding time for us, because you get to see it for the first time and we love when we get that emotional response from you of appreciation for the beauty of it. That is our soul food and that’s what keeps us going forward.